Monday, April 25, 2011


We went to Disneyland for the first time.  My Husband, Bob, our Daughter Michelle, and I joined long time friends from the San Diego for this experience.  Over the years they have gone several times so it was good to join someone who knew all of the ins and outs of Disneyland.  This is what their children wear for this adventure. 

If you are over 10 years old you can't dress up.  So this is what Michelle wore to dress up with the little girls.  We made autograph books and spent time getting autographs from many of the characters.  Michelle was just as excited as the other kids to meet the princesses and others.
Honestly you would think that Minnie Mouse and the Princesses were real.  It was fun to take our time and let Michelle and the kids have this experience. 

All the roller coasters and other rides thrill everyone, but this is as close as Bob gets to the Tea Cups without getting sick.

Because these aren't my children I will only show them from the backs.  But even from the back you can see how cute these two and a half year old twins are in their Snow White and Cinderella dresses they are.  People would stop us everywhere to take their pictures.

 My two favorite Cops in the whole world, be safe and have fun.  

Part of our Disneyland package was eating at Ariel's Grotto.  This was the easiest on my feet for meeting Princesses.  After this picture the different Princesses actually came to our table for pics and autographs.  My stomach and my feet were very happy.

Day two here were are ready to tackle this world.  This time the twins are mermaids.  So much fun we had.

This is the most visited room in the park.  With 4 little girls and Michelle we were here and rooms like it almost every other minute.  Good thing they were clean and roomy.

 We decided to work our arm muscles instead of our feet and row a canoe around a river.  The only difficulty was when I ended up with 3 little ones in front of me and another one behind me.  I was the only wet adult in the canoe.  Michelle was between the strong men because she did not want to row.  I had to work hard to keep up on my side.  I enjoyed this ride, but next time the guys can fight oars with the kids. 

I don't generally like roller coaster but this one was terrific.  Usually I am too tall for the back and neck rests.  This was great.  I really enjoyed this ride and didn't have a stiff neck or back afterwards.

Three days was the right amount of time to enjoy the two parks and enjoy the company of good friends.  We enjoyed every minute.
The last day hours before getting on the plane home we went to the beach.  The water is definitely warmer than our coast water, even in August.  It was a perfect way to end this trip.
Now you know what we have been doing instead of quilting.  We are forever grateful for family and  great friends.