Monday, May 20, 2013

An Old Treasure

A wonderful woman that Michelle works for part time had a antique quilt that had sat in a drawer crying out to be finished.
I am pleased with this beautiful quilt.  Double Wedding Ring,

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby Quilts

It has been baby season again for me.  So many special little spirits coming to this world.  The first quilt is for a Mom that doesn't want as much pink and is more of a teal Mom.  I had a beautiful minky with teal spots.  Add a little purple, brown and white and you have a very feminine baby girl quilt.

The bubble echo the spots on the back.

I love bubbles on baby quilts.

The next baby blanket is for a special little guy.  The Minky I have is brown with tan animals.  I love greens and blues for this minky.  I cut 15 in squares and stacked them up.  I cut irregular lines vertically, shuffled the fabrics then sewed them back together.  After pressing I cut the fabric horizontally, shuffled, then sewed them back together.  Here are the results.

Stack and Whack squares.

I added the baby's name in the corner


An elephant with a bird perched on his back.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

QOV's Well done

These QOV tops were probably my top 10 of all time QOV quilt tops.  They were a pleasure and an honor to quilt.
On this quilt I used a Page Turner method of quilting

The waves meet in the middle
ON this quilt you can see the the original square from 4 patch to 4 patch but I wanted to emphasis the smaller squares on point. 

I quilted the quilt squares as a Page Turner 

The centers of each block meet in the middle with stars surrounding 

The flying geese have a star treatment but I wanted the seams to reflect the P2P arches in the large squares
The border is a star and strip treatment.

This quilt is a piece of art.  It reminded me of a Civil War quilt that I had done so I used the clam shells and clam shell with a star to complete the quilting.  
Here you can see the star in the middle of the clam shell.

Once again the Star.  Clam Shells are very traditional in a period quilt.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Charity Quilts for Clark County Quilters

Clark County Quilt Guild is a large Quilt Guild that does a lot of charity activities.  These two quilts are probably going to the Share House that serves Homeless Families.  They are currently raffling off a quilt that proceeds will go to Clark County K-9 Unit.
I enjoy doing these charity quilts.

Very eclectic and colorful quilt everything from Betty Boop, rockets, and cats

I decided to to one of my modern patterns

Everything from swirls and waves 

To rectangles and more waves

As you can see the back is very busy

A cute flannel quilt made of all sorts of baby prints.

I love quilting circles on baby quilts.  When they are washed they are so bumpy.

The back has the dots and the quilting ties it all together.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Colors and Big Impact

Some times we forget what colors and print scale  can impact in a simple pattern 

quilted with the Wild Rose pano

Thursday, March 21, 2013

3 Quilt of Valors

These are three Quilt of Valors from Southern California.  It is unusual to get QOV's that are not red white and blue.  Even the Service Women want the US colors.  So here they are.  

used the toucan and jungle leaf quilting pattern

I like the use of half square triangles.  

The toucans in the quilting.

These are Batik fabrics.

I love the dark almost black purple in this pattern

The quilting is called calm waters.

This quilt almost looked like a Irish Chain.  It also looks like a pinwheel in the center of Log Cabin type squares.

I used yellow thread.  There so many reds that the yellow matched many of the pinwheels.

border treatments

The back is hard to see in pics but is spectacular in person.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Baby Clothes

Beautiful full polka dot dress so cute.
A huge box of baby clothes arrived from  the sister in law of a family friend that we consider  family.  I stared at the box for probably a week.  It was so hard to cut those cute clothes.  

Piles of squares growing
A huge box full of baby clothes
My 6 in or comparable squares
Finished 18 inch squares
Sewing pattern meander with bird
Top on the machine

Polka Dot dress sewed on after quilting

finished quilt

Love this frilly onesie

Leopard and ruffles so fun