Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby Quilts

We are such a blessed family.  In my extended family we will have 4 sweet babies born in 8 months time.  With close friends also having babies it is time to mass produce and design baby quilts.  I like when a pieced top has so many 90 degree angles I love to quilt them with the bubble pattern to soften all of those corners.  The brown quilt is actually for the baby of hunting enthusiasts.  The backs of both of these quilts are Minky.  The softest fabric I have ever seen.  These will soon be wrapped around soft little babies.  Welcome to the family.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wow look at these colors!

A friend brought me a beautiful quilt to quilt.  She called it Sugar Plum.  I love the colors. The little gold dragon flies in the purple fabric are so sweet that we echoed it with the stitching.  SM was thrilled with the results.  I was happy to be part of that. 

Antique Quilts

I have a special friend who has an everyday quilt that they have used for picnics and anytime they are sitting outside.  She was told that it was quilted by her Great-Great Grandmother.  She loves to talk to her kids about family but know one knows how old this quilt truly is.  It is worn and loved.  The binding was fraying and so I put a new binding on it so that it will last another 50 years hopefully.  I am wondering if the leaves are fabric from flour sacks or any date anyone could give me.  It would add to the story of this carefully and well loved and used quilt.  Thanks in advance. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Adventures with Half Square Triangles

I bought a pattern that would make hundreds of half square triangles.  I load the fabric and tell the computer to work this pattern.  When it is done I cut all of these patterns apart and trim them.  Each group of patterns would make 144 of these blocks.

With this pile of blocks I can make many different quilt patterns.  Here is the one that I just finished for a young women who just got married.

Here is the close up of the quilting.  Kind of a inside out paisley. 

The trimming of all 800 half square triangles was a little time consuming but it was better than sewing each block individually.