Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Scrap Quilts

I am toying with making another scrap quilt.  This one will be made from baby clothes.  I love making memory quilts.  The two I have made before, my kids run their hands all over it and tell me which fabrics they remember.  So much fun and a labor of love.  Trying to decide if I want traditional or more modern. These are quilts I am using for inspiration   I didn't make all of  these yet.  
string squares on point
Night and Day this is one I made and is made from scraps of clothes I made for my kids, scraps from other projects and a key fabric that I bought to tie the whole thing together and make it feel organized.

Traditional nine patch with bow ties for the surrounding blocks

traditional string logcabin

bricks with 4 patches

diamond string quilt

  a modern quilt

close up of the treatment on the blocks