Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Red, White, and Blue Stars

A very talented quilter who participates in the Quilts of Valor sent me this quilt to do and give to her family member.  She wanted an Edge to Edge pattern, but I couldn't help myself.  I put the Pledge of Allegiance on the red stripes and gold stars and an eagle on the blue field of stars.  This quilt was a pleasure to work on.

Eagle and Stars
United States of America

"Justice for all." 
I then looked at the fabric for what I should do for the edge to edge.  You can see the paisley like shapes in the stars, the borders and the stripes of the flag.
Saw Tooth star with fussy cut stars in the center.  Note the paisley type shapes in  fabric.

Paisley stitching.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sun Bonnet Sue

This quilt is made from blocks from a woman's Great Great Grandmother.  The blocks were handed down to the Great Grandmother who put them in a drawer.  Who handed them down to the Grandmother who put sashing on it and gave the quilt to the Granddaughter.  The quilt was loved and used and then put away.  As an adult the granddaughter had a friend take it all apart and rescue the Sun Bonnet Blocks.  
Each little Sue was outlined and echoed.  Then the Sashing was done with a cute little flower. 

The border has cute little Sun Bonnet Sues' all around the brown border.

So many sweet Sun Bonnet Sue's.  The sashing is a reproduction type fabric.

Each corner of the sashing meets so well with this sashing.  This is the back.

Here is the meeting center of each sashing.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Zelda's Boyfriend Link

Introducing Link, Zelda's Boyfriend.  My second daughter Kylee requested this before her son was born.  Link has on a green hat with blond hair. Note the yellow buckle with a brown belt over his tunic.
Full view of Link.

Skin is a bubble texture while the hair(yellow) is a curl pattern

The tunic is a green zig zag while the sleeves are light green and a paisley type of pattern

This is the shield with the Tri-Force(triangles) on it.

Thier is an Eagle under the Tri-Force

This is a picture of the brown shoes with the sword, grey, ending between his shoes.

The grey is the sword. The black is the handle in the pink hand

This is the back, a striped minky.  The zig zag showes up well.