Thursday, October 4, 2012

Zelda's Boyfriend Link

Introducing Link, Zelda's Boyfriend.  My second daughter Kylee requested this before her son was born.  Link has on a green hat with blond hair. Note the yellow buckle with a brown belt over his tunic.
Full view of Link.

Skin is a bubble texture while the hair(yellow) is a curl pattern

The tunic is a green zig zag while the sleeves are light green and a paisley type of pattern

This is the shield with the Tri-Force(triangles) on it.

Thier is an Eagle under the Tri-Force

This is a picture of the brown shoes with the sword, grey, ending between his shoes.

The grey is the sword. The black is the handle in the pink hand

This is the back, a striped minky.  The zig zag showes up well.

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