Saturday, December 31, 2011

Placemats, Table Runners, and My New Machine

These are all place mats made on my Statler Quilting Machine.  If you look closely to the edge of each one, they are bound with my new Binding Machine.  It is an industrial Juki with a Binding attachment that only does 3/8 inch double fold binding.  I still have to make my own flat bias tape, but then I feed it through the attachment and it folds it and stitches it perfectly.  There was not other way I could have gotten almost 100 placemats, table runners, bibs and tree skirts ready for Christmas.  I still prefer a one in double fold hand stitched for my quilts, but for everything else this is the new product.
Safari placemat

Giraffe placemat

Candy Corn placemat

Guess what...Valentines Day


Halloween Table Runner

Summer Time placemat.  Get it?  Red with a green outside.  Sorry just a pun

Christmas Tree skirt.  Snowman Panel with Tree panels on either side.  Hard to photo on red.

Giving a Gift Quilt

This was so cool to have my 2 yr old Grandson open his present a little and say "Batman."  Then when he got it out of the packaging he laid down on it and said several times "Batman"

Another quilt for this Christmas was to my oldest Daughter.  For her Wedding Quilt we made an album quilt with pictures and signatures from all of the little kids that she baby sat and touched their lives.  It was very pink and a little blue because this is what Erin is.  To quote Erin and little Grace, "Pink, is there any other color".  To save Erin's husband of 5 years from waking up every morning to pink and cute little faces I gave them a new quilt for their bed.  It was a labor of love.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Grandson's Christmas Quilt

One of Xander's favorite characters is Batman.  As a two year old, who wouldn't love a super hero like Batman.  I saw Batman and Joker fabric at Fabric Depot.  I thought that it would make a great back for a quilt for Xander.  I tried my hand at raw edge applique.  Not bad for my first time.  How could you make a quilt without referancing the old TV show.  Pow! Wham! Whack!  So much fun, I hope that you enjoy my fun.

Two More QOV

 These two quilts were sent to me from the Wenatchee area.  They are called string quilts.  You start with several squares, then you draw an inch on each side of the center diagonal.  Sew a strip using the pencil line as your guide.  Press the fabric strip over this seam.  Sew the next strip onto that last strip.  This gives you a square with your base fabric as the center strip.

On the Blue center quilt I did a Stars and Stripes Log Cabin type of quilting.  With a border of Heart and Stars.  The Yellow center quilt I did an all over USA pattern.  

These are very quick and accurate quilts to enjoy making.  If you want to make these and others like it I made my first one from one of my favorite websites


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another QOV

Liberty Bell

Thank You

These two quilts came from South Dakota.  It is always a privilege to be a part of the Quilts of Valor.

Baby Boy Quilt

Love the border on this quilt

Sorry it has been so long.  My computer broke and is still out of commission.  So here I am on a borrowed one for the day.  I am still busy quilting even though most of my patterns on on the broken computer.  Nothing is going to keep me down.  This is a baby boy quilt that I made recently.  The nursery theme was tans and blues but the Mom wanted the minky with the brown and green dots.  It reflects the circles and dots of the baby's room.  The top has a lot of blues, browns, and the greens to tie in the back.  It is quilted with the bubbles everywhere pattern to soften the straight lines of the top and to mimic the dots of the backs. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Scrap Quilt

This is a scrap quilt that I made the top 17 years ago.  It was made from scraps of clothes, curtains, and other quilts that I had made.  When I pick through this I can find fabric from both Kylee and Erin's dresses from those early years.  There is even fabric from a doll's dress that I have given to Lyla, my grand daughter.  It is fun to pick through and find these fabrics.  My brothers could also pick through and find scraps from their Wedding quilts that we made many years ago. 

I also uses the Page Turner method of custom quilting on this quilt.  I like how the little octopus shaped flowers showed up in the little squares.  This will be a fun quilt for our spare bed.

At the time that this top was made the only fabric that I had bought was the navy blue with lines through it.  I really don't like unorganized scrap quilts.  They are not restful to my eyes.  The borders were purchased later.  It was really hard to find a mauve 10 years ago.  These fabrics worked well.  I have taken this quilt top to many school classes to show more about the patchwork and how not to waste anything.  I would show all of the underside and explain how these ladies of the 18th and 19th century would sew all of these seams together and not waste a single piece of fabric.  They also would create these works of art by hand stitching each piece.  I am so thankful for our wonderful machines that we have.

QOV Flowers

This is a colorful batik quilt that came to me as a QOV.  This quilt will make a female Soldier very happy.  I did a semi-custom job on this quilt.  This technique is called a Page Turner.  Page Johnson is a quilter and teacher that I recently took a class from.