Friday, July 29, 2011

Scrap Quilt

This is a scrap quilt that I made the top 17 years ago.  It was made from scraps of clothes, curtains, and other quilts that I had made.  When I pick through this I can find fabric from both Kylee and Erin's dresses from those early years.  There is even fabric from a doll's dress that I have given to Lyla, my grand daughter.  It is fun to pick through and find these fabrics.  My brothers could also pick through and find scraps from their Wedding quilts that we made many years ago. 

I also uses the Page Turner method of custom quilting on this quilt.  I like how the little octopus shaped flowers showed up in the little squares.  This will be a fun quilt for our spare bed.

At the time that this top was made the only fabric that I had bought was the navy blue with lines through it.  I really don't like unorganized scrap quilts.  They are not restful to my eyes.  The borders were purchased later.  It was really hard to find a mauve 10 years ago.  These fabrics worked well.  I have taken this quilt top to many school classes to show more about the patchwork and how not to waste anything.  I would show all of the underside and explain how these ladies of the 18th and 19th century would sew all of these seams together and not waste a single piece of fabric.  They also would create these works of art by hand stitching each piece.  I am so thankful for our wonderful machines that we have.

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