Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quilt of Valor March

I love this Quilt of Valor.  It was very well made and a lot of thought went into these fabrics.  I quilted it with a Stars and Stripes border to border pattern.  The border is quilted with hearts with stripes and stars in them.  I used the mother goose color of thread which is a light tan that blends well without taking attention away from the words printed on the fabric.  

This is a snipit of the quilting plan.

Individual block

thread on red

thread on the blue

Thread not detracting from the words.

Front with back

Happy and uplifting words.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Antique Dresdan Plate

This is a friends Grandmother's quilt from the 20's and 30's.  It has had a place of honor on their living room wall for many years.  In fact when one of my grown daughters saw a picture of this quilt she recognized it.  I am so glad to have these special people as life long friends.  

Dresdan Plate

This is after I squared each block and ready to quilt.
 You Can see below that a couple of the blades in each block have been worn over time.  By stitching each blade it will keep others from fraying and preserve the rest of the damaged blade.
After each block is quilted.  Fabrics from 20's and 30's...Sashing from 90's

Each Blade has a special curl individualized for the shape of blade
Back Side of the blocks and sashing curls

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Customer Bright Quilt

A wonderfully bright and happy quilt top was brought to me to be quilted.  With all of the these busy and colorful squares and its border with a white background, I decided to use the white thread.  This customer was able to sit in my living room and choose the patterns that she wanted.  I was able to design an mock up and send her the final design for her approval.          

Mock up of entire quilt

Mock up of close up corner

                                                                        This is a picture of the two borders next to the middle border to border design.  

Front border corners

Back middle close up.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Beach Fence Headboard

I wanted a beach theme headboard so I started off with scrap wood from other projects that were anything from 1x3's to 1x8's.  I screwed them to two 2x4's making sure that the spacing was even between each piece of wood.   I did pre-drilled the holes through the 2x4's but not through the one inch boards.  Then used 2 1/4 in screws.


  In order to distress the wood to look wind worn I   You can see that the some of the boards were stained years ago to use as shelves.  first cut notches in the top of some of the boards.  Nothing is even or symmetrical
I then took a grinder and put grooves to help with the windblown look.  A belt sander would do the same thing but much slower.                                  
 I then mixed some old blue gray paint with some white and then watered it down to make a white wash type of look.  I painted it on and then wiped off  on the flat surfaces leaving more paint in the grooves. I hot glued two kinds of grasses to continue with our beach fence theme.  I wound two sizes of natural ropes to support the grasses.    

We love our Beach Fence Headboard