Friday, March 2, 2012

Beach Fence Headboard

I wanted a beach theme headboard so I started off with scrap wood from other projects that were anything from 1x3's to 1x8's.  I screwed them to two 2x4's making sure that the spacing was even between each piece of wood.   I did pre-drilled the holes through the 2x4's but not through the one inch boards.  Then used 2 1/4 in screws.


  In order to distress the wood to look wind worn I   You can see that the some of the boards were stained years ago to use as shelves.  first cut notches in the top of some of the boards.  Nothing is even or symmetrical
I then took a grinder and put grooves to help with the windblown look.  A belt sander would do the same thing but much slower.                                  
 I then mixed some old blue gray paint with some white and then watered it down to make a white wash type of look.  I painted it on and then wiped off  on the flat surfaces leaving more paint in the grooves. I hot glued two kinds of grasses to continue with our beach fence theme.  I wound two sizes of natural ropes to support the grasses.    

We love our Beach Fence Headboard

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