Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nauvoo Temple

  I had the privilege to quilt a embroidered Nauvoo Temple that was done in two point perspective.  A daughter of a friend of mine spent time in Nauvoo Illinois in a program from BYU.  This quilt top was a class assignment to make something hand made.  She had also taken a class from the Architect that redesigned and built the new LDS Nauvoo Temple.  This Mom new her daughter and requested that I didn't do brick work or make the Temple any busier Than what she had already done.  So my dilemma was how to make the pillars stand out with out more detail on the arches.  White thread on white fabric is very difficult to photograph.  The border provides a frame and structure that mirrors the Temple.  The clouds and grounds are free form to provide contrast to the Temple.  This did take many hours and I practiced on paper, the computer and extra fabric before starting this quilt.  I feel that the practice and prayer helped with this project.  I hope you can see and enjoy.

Close up of front center, you can see the pencil marks behind the embroidery thread. 

Top of Temple, clouds to the left and sun shining off Moroni on the right

Another shot of Temple quilt without the border

Close up of the reverse side without the embroidery thread

Right lower side, small tree and path in front of the stairs

Corner detail

Side Detail

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