Saturday, March 5, 2011

Baby Quilts

Baby quilts are so much fun to do.  Over the years every time I make a baby quilt I have made 2 tops.  If I am going to go to the work of making the one top I might as well be making two.  As I go through my drawers in the sewing room I am finding baby quilt tops even 12 years old.  So I have been quilting them.  The oldest is the Noah's ark quilt.  It was so much fun finding didgitized patterns that would look like feathers for the bird and such. 
The log cabin quilt has one of my recession buster patterns on it.  The teddy bears are about 4 inches high. 
The rose bud quilt with an Irish chain has blossomed rose buds in an all over pattern. 
The 4th quilt is a Buggy Barn Crazy Stars.  It has geometric squares with stars in selected boxes. 
Baby quilts are so fast to quilt and you feel so accomplished.  I hope you have fun looking at these.

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