Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tribute Page

Today I will pay tribute to my favorite quilt pattern artists.  My first quilt ever was an Eleanor Burns, Quilt in a Day patterns.  So this first quilt pic is from the book Still Stripping After 25 Years.  Eleanor Burns reinvented quilting by creating the strip quilting method.  My living room curtains are this same pattern except longer. 
My next tribute is to Bonnie Hunter from  I have been using her patterns for ten years.  The red is a string quilt, called String Quilting Primer.  The second quilt, the blue one is called Leaders and Enders.  The funny part of this quilt is that the white and blue shells, and striped fabrics are the 3rd reuse of this fabric.  It was the curtains in two of our homes and now it sits as a quilt on my bed.  It is bigger than a California King size quilt so it is hard to display. 
The third artist that I have loved and learned so much from is the Buggy Barn patterns.  I have made many of their patterns including my nieces quilt earlier pictured and these Crazy Stars.  I enjoy the stack and whack method of quilting.  It is a nice diversion from my favorite traditional piecing. 

I hope that you quilter will take a look at these artists and if you are new to quilting try the Quilt in a Day patterns.  You will love it.  Thank you for your time and attention.  I am enjoying sharing with you.

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