Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chicken Quilt

This is a quilt made from a top that I bought on e-bay.  It said that it was made early 1900's and was made mostly from chicken feed sacks.  I couldn't resist since it was only 18 dollars.  When it arrived I was able to inspect it.  One of the chicken feed sacks still had paper on it.  The others were in the print.  It was also made from flour sacks, table cloth, mattress ticking, pillow ticking and a mans shirt.  I could tell that it was stitched on a treadle machine.  The stitches were so even and consistent.  No back tacking anywhere and even some hand stitching.  

The red stripe is pillow ticking for stuffing the feathers into.

Trying to find the date on this bag.  When did they start adding antibiotics?
The Blue stripe is mattress ticking. 

Cloverdale Nebraska Certified Hybrid Corn

Chickens behind chicken wire.  Again the red stripes are pillow ticking

Chickens strutting their stuff behind the chicken wire.

In the picture below you pick out the different fabrics.  Blue plaid is a mans shirt.  The blue pattern on the right is a flour bag, as is the peach colored squares near the right side.  The pansy fabric, I am guessing are a woman's skirt or shirt.  The red plaid is a table cloth.  The pillow ticking and mattress ticking are very course fabric and would shred my thread even though I had a large needle in the machine.  The feed sacks are very course also.  
 The green and white checks and the blue pattern at the bottom are also flour sacks.  The fabric at the top and above the bottom were flour sacks with no pattern.  Those I quilted the chickens in a red thread.  I quilted the whole quilt with a chicken wire pattern with the mother goose colored thread.  

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