Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fun with Bibs

Just thought that these were just too cute

Only one of my new grand babies is a girl so she will like this one.

My son that went to Peru for 2 years told me that this
basically means, "I have hunger"

My favorite!

Just way too cute.  
These were all made on my quilting machine and then bound the edges with my Juki needle fed machine with a binding attachment.  The adult ones were made to order for a girls camp fund raiser.  They were made to look like a prom dress and a tuxedo.  Note the slim waist look for the dress bib.  Fun to design.  The two together paid for half of one girl to go to camp.  Not bad for bibs.
Note slim waist

The fake jeweled necklace pendant

Ready for Prom Dinner?

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