Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby Quilts

It has been baby season again for me.  So many special little spirits coming to this world.  The first quilt is for a Mom that doesn't want as much pink and is more of a teal Mom.  I had a beautiful minky with teal spots.  Add a little purple, brown and white and you have a very feminine baby girl quilt.

The bubble echo the spots on the back.

I love bubbles on baby quilts.

The next baby blanket is for a special little guy.  The Minky I have is brown with tan animals.  I love greens and blues for this minky.  I cut 15 in squares and stacked them up.  I cut irregular lines vertically, shuffled the fabrics then sewed them back together.  After pressing I cut the fabric horizontally, shuffled, then sewed them back together.  Here are the results.

Stack and Whack squares.

I added the baby's name in the corner


An elephant with a bird perched on his back.

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